About Us

Simplest Approach series of books are written by Nigerian teachers, which presents straightforward methods to master O' level subjects.
This best selling textbooks present all the knowledge you need to get through O'Level subject curriculum and beyond.
Using the simplest approach possible, O' level subjects are made much easier and interesting to learn. Books in this series such as the Simplest Approach to Chemistry Calculations:

Simplest Approach is a subsidairy of Maz-Eddy Investment Group. Simplest Approach is a firm that publishes Simplest Approach books series. For now we deal with Senior Secondary books with an e-learning format. We are gradually getting involved with the publishing of tertiary books both local and international.
We are a firm that greatly influences the future of persons of 15 years and above. We produce books in our book series with software and easy access online to our work with phones that browses for those that do not have access to laptops using our scratch cards. We help in building reading culture for students through our e-learning format.
Our teaching aid is ususally the Simplest Approach possible. Students can easily access solved solved solutions to exercises and past questions in the textbooks from their phones. Questions and answers could also be sent as text messages to their phones.

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